Float16.Cloud Update [02/2024]

Float16.Cloud Update [02/2024]

Float16.Cloud has released a Generative AI service for Southeast Asian languages that is better than ChatGPT (GPT-3.5).

Float16.Cloud supports three new models: one for SEA languages and two for the Thai language. The pricing is 95% cheaper than ChatGPT (GPT-3.5). The models are named:

  1. SeaLLM-7b-v2 (Alibaba)
  2. Typhoon-7b (SCB10X)
  3. OpenThaiGPT-13b (OpenThaiGPT).

The highlight is SeaLLM-7b-v2, developed by DAMO (Alibaba), which supports a total of 10 languages in SEA, including English and Chinese. 

SeaLLM-7b-v2 had an evaluation score that was slightly behind ChatGPT by around 1-2% on the M3Exam (M3e) datasets, which included English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Thai. 

However, SeaLLM-7b-v2 performed at the same level as ChatGPT on the Sea-bench datasets, which included English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Burmese, Khmer, Lao, Tagalog, and Malay, and outperformed ChatGPT in the Burmese, Khmer, and Lao languages. [1]

Inference speed performance is another significant improvement. For example, SeaLLM-7b-v2 has a base speed of 100 tokens per second, and the inference demo video can be viewed via this YouTube link.

The use case of Generative AI for SeaLLM-7b-v2 could help us localize into the Southeast Asian region in efficient ways, including helping us draft emails in Vietnamese, generate post captions in Indonesian, find keywords in blog posts in Tagalog, provide text summarization, chatbot services, sentiment analysis, and translation.

You can try SeaLLM-7b-v2 for 'FREE' via https://float16.cloud.


Float16.cloud offers Generative AI services in several options, such as API, API with custom SLA, enterprise subscription for on-premise and on-cloud, and hosting fine-tuned AI models (Bring Your Own Model).

About Float16.cloud 

Float16.cloud is a new product from VulturePrime, and VulturePrime is a startup in the Nvidia Inception Program.

[1] https://huggingface.co/SeaLLMs/SeaLLM-7B-v2

Facebook: VulturePrime

Twitter: @VutlurePrime

Website : https://www.vultureprime.com

Email: business@vultureprime.com

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